About DesignTech Engineering

Established in 2004, DesignTech Engineering focus on wide range of electronic product and services which include various software and hardware application.

Mission Statement

DesignTech Engineering is an integrated design and manufacturing company specializing in electronic product development and production. We provide true electronic contract manufacturing solutions to our clients and supported our clients with flexible, effective and reliable services. We believe our success lies with our client succeeds and plus is our highest priority.


  • DesignTech Engineering is an electronic contract manufacturer, providing full turn-key solution to various industries.
  • Products manufactured run from individual printed circuit boards to completely assembled and tested systems.
  • Our Services include, printed circuit board assembly, surface mount technology, SMT assembly, circuit board assembly.
  • DesignTech also provide circuit design ranging for control application, Micro-controller, communication product.
  • We also provide Cable Harness Assembly and Basic Metal fabrication.
Designtech Engineering